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An African Child Ministries

​An African Child Ministries is a community based organization from the tiny village of Kibuku, Uganda now operating out of Jinja.  We provide education, healthcare, a stable home, and a secure family environment for orphaned children.  We strive to give them equal opportunities and a stable home life in a loving, faith-filled family. 

Our Story

Christopher Joel Mupere, founder of An African Child Ministries, is himself an orphan.  In 2002 he lost his father and was left in the care of his mother who couldn't afford to provide food, school requirements, and shelter for the family.  Joel began to work with his mother at 10 years old, selling in the market, working in gardens and farms, raising cattle, and going into the swamp to cut papyrus to make mats.  In 2013 his mother was killed in an accident when Joel was three years into his secondary education.  Even in spite of such odds, God led him to a precious woman in Jinja who took him in and did her best to help him finish Secondary School.  After graduation, while working to earn money to attend university, he learned of a family in his home village of Kibuku whose home had been gutted by fire.  They had four children who were orphaned.  Moved by the similarity of their situation with his own story, Joel was given permission from the village elders to adopt the little ones in 2018.  He found a place for them to stay in the village, and along with the help of village elders and local women, the ministry continued to grow and thrive as they helped give orphaned children in the village a place to belong. Joel has since graduated from Kyambogo University in Kampala with his degree in Secondary Education, with his teaching certification in Mathematics and Chemistry.    

You Can Enter Our Story

Today An African Child Ministries is located in the town of Jinja, Uganda and includes seven orphans and two special needs children who are receiving sponsorship from Victory Children's Outreach.  Joel and the kids have significant needs as he provides clothing, meals, healthcare, and school requirements for his family of 10.  You are invited to enter their story and be part of An African Child Ministries through your prayers and financial investment!   You can make a tax deductible donation to An African Child Ministries through Digital Discipleship.  Your gift will help Joel continue to change the stories of these children so they can find victory in life and in faith.  


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