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Lift Up Girls

Our Mission: Uplifting marginalized girls and young women so they can live their dreams and have a meaningful life.


Our Vision: To see girls and young women discover their potential, achieve a fulfilling future, and defeat all gender based barriers.

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Who We Are


In Uganda, many young girls still lack education and the chance for success due to early marriage, pregnancy, and a lack of school fees.  These young girls are often in poverty without hope of improving their lives.  Lift Up Girls aims to empower girls to learn a skilled trade such as sewing, hairdressing, charcoal stove making, jewelry making, and more to give them hope for a better future.  In addition to skills training, the girls are taught basic health and leadership skills as well to address their holistic needs. 

Where We Work

Lift Up Girls works in areas of Uganda which have been most effected by early marriages, a high rate of school dropouts, HIV infection, and child labor.  Areas like these have a high rate of teen pregnancy and childbirth, thus creating a need for skills training and career guidance, particularly among girls. 

  • Bugembe, Jinja

  • Buziika, Kafunta

  • Tongolo

  • Buvuma Island

  • Mbarara

  • Iganga, Nakalama

  • Kampala, Kireka

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What We Do

We wish you could come and see everything we do!  The girls in our centers learn leadership skills and trades like sewing, hairdressing, charcoal stove making, and more.  Not only do they learn a skill, but they establish friendships with other girls with whom they can find support.  

How You Can Join Us

Obviously the best way to join us is by visiting us in Uganda!  But the second best way is to help provide the supplies we need to do the work we do.  Your generous donations of teacher salaries and supplies help us reignite hope and a sense of purpose in the hearts and minds of these young girls.  Join our team and click the links below to sponsor a teacher or give a donation toward our operating costs and supplies. 

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