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Victory Children's Outreach Uganda

derrick child 6.jpg
derrick child 6.jpg

Child Focused

Children come first at Victory Children's Outreach.  We believe each child is victorious in Christ (Romans 8:37) and we seek to find the best school placement and sponsor family to match each child's individual needs so they can experience success.  

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Relationship Driven

Facilitating real-time relationships between sponsors and children is what sets Victory Children's Outreach apart from other sponsorship organizations.  Because we are small and our staff is local, we can arrange special gifts, FaceTime calls, and will let you know the specific needs of your sponsor child.  These relationships allow you to truly become family.  

Ready to add to your family?  

Email Lindsey Rogers,

US Director

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Christ Centered

We long for children to know they are seen, known, and loved by their Heavenly Father. Victory Children's Outreach provides faith-based activities and focuses on helping each child connect with a local church or faith community.  

Desire to give toward the ongoing work of Victory Children's Outreach?  

Give your tax-deductible gift here. 

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Contact Us

Would you like to learn more about Victory Children's Outreach?  Maybe you would like to join our team on our yearly trip to Jinja?  Are you wanting to learn more about sponsoring a child on a monthly basis? 


Lindsey Rogers (US Director).

Kevin Arinda (Jinja Director)

Joshua Bule (Digital Discipleship

Outreach Director) 

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